BRDR Media | IT Marketing Benefits
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IT Marketing Benefits

As an IT news portal operator with an innovative online media approach and global reach, BRDR media offers unique benefits to IT marketers in terms of brand strategy execution and sales & lead generation.

Key ingredients of BRDR media’s innovative IT media approach

  • Daily editorial IT news articles
  • Executive interviews by experienced IT reporters
  • Thought leadership blogs
  • True social media integration
  • Intelligent (corporate) video feeds
  • Global maps & other visuals for corporate presentations
  • Event sharing options
  • Live Twitter feeds with article integration
  • And more…

Campaign benefits for tech marketers

  • Effectively engage with IT prospects globally
  • Launch cross-channel IT media campaigns
  • Reach highly targeted IT audiences
  • Run lead-generating banner ads
  • Ability to build a data-driven content marketing strategy
  • Promote corporate video marketing content
  • Boost search engine rankings/traffic
  • Find viable IT candidates globally for job vacancies
  • And much more…