BRDR Media | Meet BRDR media
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Meet BRDR media

Operating at the intersection of business and technology, BRDR media is a Netherlands-based publisher with a global focus in developing high-profile and high-traffic IT media brands in the business-to-business space. Our flagship tech media platform,, attracts a fast-growing audience from around the globe within the cloud, hosting and data center segment.

BRDR media intends to provide CXOs, middle management, and professionals in selected IT niche markets with cross-border news and valuable, need-to-know information. At the same time, we’re devoted to supporting our advertising and content marketing partners with custom and effective cross-channel marketing fulfillment.

With more than 75 years accumulated experience from establishing and leading Dutch and international media brands within a variety of industries including IT, the BRDR media management team combines some of the best leadership, marketing, web development & design, and entrepreneurial skills in the global publishing industry.